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Brian’s House will be a secluded and peaceful retreat home in the Florida Keys where Navy Special Warfare families can find comfort, support and healing. Brian’s House offers programs that allow families the space and freedom to connect with nature, forge relationships, and renew their inner spirit.

Brian’s House is different from typical military family retreats in several ways:

Families will spend seven days at Brian’s House. The normal military family retreat is a weekend or three days. This extra time allows the family to begin to decompress, de-stress and really commence the healing cycle.

Only five families will attend the retreat at a time. This ensures that each family’s specific needs are met and that all family’s are provided dedicated time for their personal situations.

Retreats include the entire family, children and spouse. This enables the family to heal together with everyone understanding their role and importance to the overall process.

Retreats are held in a secluded environment, without the interruption of cell phones, TVs or internet. We create a sanctuary, a place of healing outside of day-to-day responsibilities for families to relax and begin the process of self-improvement.

There are no costs for the families at Brian’s House.. All travel, food, counseling expenses are paid for by the Brian Bill Foundation.

A follow-up program provides service and support to give these families the best chance of navigating through ever growing problems such as divorce, suicide, child and spousal abuse.

Brian’s House is the only retreat program of it’s kind serving the Navy Special Warfare Community.

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